Remember The Constitution

We set amidst a conglomeration
Of influence, chaos, and onsets
Transposed by the mingled
And confused hodgepodge
Of lies and deceit
And the importing of a constant mix
Of turmoil and exasperation
Yet many seem to be oblivious
Of our condition,
Let alone the cause,
The truth is
We are caught in between
Compromise and inquisition
As a whole We are numb,
We are baffled
But totally unaware
Of our condition
We have no clue.
Any other being
Would be beating
Their head against a wall.
But instead “We The People”
Have surrendered to temporary relief.
A technical fix.
What will it take to wake us up?
What will we do when we discover
The problem is within us.
Because we had no standard
We have lost our moral compass?
For Sure
A gross distortion has occurred.
Why, are we not concerned,
In spite of the fact
That some terrible
History is about to repeat itself, in spades.
Could it be that: disfranchisement
and disenchantment?
Has caused an attitude of apathy?
Are we glued to our own perceptions?
Do we hear ourselves saying,
“Let someone else do it”?
Do we not know that: mutiny is change?
It’s a physical revolt
It’s rebellion.
We must continually remind ourselves
That America is a Republic.
Our government is based on Law.
Remember – The Constitution.
Better yet, why not read it?

Margarett Inez Bates