Truth Was Obscure

I had no clue
I was running scared.
For the impending future
I was not prepared.
With only perception
To rule my fate,
I kept taking the same picture,
Unaware of the date.
Deception was in progress.
Truth was obscure.
Just making it was painful.
It was hard to endure.
Then came the test
To check my enlightenment.
Could there be?
Is there an indictment?
While caught in the midst
Of this awkward intrusion,
I ponder the need
Of some deliberate seclusion.
As I moved away
From the prevalent infusion
I became aware of another
Was then that I caught
A glimpse of salvation:
Freedom from all sin
Without reservation.
As I lifted my head
To an upward direction
It became clear
I must make another selection.
“Choose this day whom you will serve.”

Margarett Inez Bates

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